Zurich Taxi Guide: Best Options for Rides, Limousines & Hailing Services

Getting a Taxi in Zurich

Zurich, nestled on the edge of Lake Zurich and at the base of the Swiss Alps in northern Switzerland, is a global center for finance and banking. The city is rich in history and culture, offering visitors a mix of extravagant, historic, and artistic experiences. For those new to the country or visiting as tourists, navigating the taxi system can be a crucial part of your travel. Here’s a quick guide to help you get around Zurich by taxi efficiently and comfortably.

Best Options for Getting a Taxi

  • Taxi Stands and Hailing: Zurich boasts over 1,500 licensed taxis operated by various companies. You can easily hail a taxi from the street, especially those with a blue and white taxi sign, or find one at several official taxi stands around the city, near the main railway station, major hotels, and popular tourist attractions.
  • Calling or App Booking: For a more convenient option, you can call a taxi company, such as City Taxi Z├╝rich (+41 76 250 3131), or use a local taxi company app to order your ride. This is particularly useful if you’re in a less busy area or need a taxi at a specific time.
  • Pre-booking: To ensure a smooth and stress-free experience, consider pre-booking your taxi ride. Companies like Welcome Pickups offer competitive set-rate fares and professional English-speaking drivers, allowing you to budget more effectively and enjoy a comfortable transfer.

Best Companies and Prices

  • Pricing: Taxi fares in Zurich are metered, with a base fare of ÔéČ5.86 (CHF 6), ÔéČ3.71 (CHF 3.80) per kilometer, and an hourly rate for standing or waiting at ÔéČ67.38 (CHF 69). The fare from Zurich airport to the city center is approximately ÔéČ48.83 (CHF 50). However, pre-booking a ride might offer you a flat rate, which can be more economical.
  • Recommended Companies: While there are many reputable taxi companies in Zurich, booking through Welcome Pickups can provide a reliable service with the convenience of English-speaking drivers and competitive rates.

Tips for Tourists and Newcomers

  • Payment: Licensed taxis accept all major credit/debit cards, so you don’t need to worry about carrying cash.
  • Child Safety: If traveling with children, request child safety seats in advance. There might be a surcharge, but safety is paramount.
  • Tipping: Tipping isn’t required in Zurich, but rounding up the fare for excellent service is a common practice.
  • Wheelchair Accessibility: For those requiring wheelchair-accessible taxis, companies like 7├Ś7 Fahrdienste and BTZ offer specially equipped vehicles with trained drivers at standard rates.

Safety and Complaints

Zurich is considered a safe destination, and its licensed taxis are reliable and regulated. Should any issues arise, note the taxi number, driver’s name, and your journey details to report to the taxi company or the nearest police department for serious matters.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Are taxis expensive in Zurich? Yes, Zurich is known for its high living costs, and taxis are no exception. However, they offer quick and comfortable transfers.
  • Are taxis reliable? Absolutely, Zurich’s licensed taxi services are safe, clean, and professional.
  • Is Uber available? Yes, Uber operates in Zurich, offering an alternative to traditional taxis. Keep in mind that during rush hours, wait times can be longer.